Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Permit Parking Terms and Conditions
The following Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") govern your account with Metro. If you have any questions about the information listed in this Agreement, please contact customer service at customerservice@iparq.com.
By using the site and any services under the Metro Preferred Parking Permit Program, you agree that you are an individual person at least eighteen (18) years of age; you possess the legal authority to create and/or enter into a legal binding obligation and your use of this site and the Metro Permit services comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement in addition to any obligations that are posted on the Metro’s website.
  1. Account Information
    When registering your Metro parking account through INET INC. DBA iParq (“iParq”), you may only create and manage one (1) account. You are exclusively responsible for managing this account and safeguarding your username and password. It is your responsibility to ensure that all registered information is current and accurate. You agree to notify iParq immediately in the event you learn of unauthorized use of your account.
  2. User Conduct and Compliance
    All patrons shall follow the rules and regulations while using Metro’s property and parking facilities. Metro’s Administrative Code Title 8 (Parking Ordinance) and Metro’s Administrative Code Title 6 (Customer Code of Conduct) can be found at www.metro.net. You are responsible for your continued compliance with this Agreement and Administrative Codes 6 and 8.
    In the event that Metro determines, in its sole discretion, that your conduct has violated this Agreement, Administrative Code Title 8 or Administrative Code Title 6, or has been unlawful in any way, Metro reserves the right to revoke your permit privilege, including seeking all available legal and equitable remedies against you.
  3. Account Communication
    Any communication regarding the permit parking account may be transmitted with the account holder either electronically, by phone or by mail via the registered email address, phone number or mailing address, respectively.
  4. Pricing, Payments, Cancellations and Refunds
    Parking space is rented on a calendar month basis, running from the first through the last day of the month. Payment is due on the first day of each month. Monthly parking fees will be charged to your credit card or bank account each month, unless approved by Metro and arranged with iParq in advance. On, or around the 1st of each month, parking fees for the current month will be automatically charged to you via the payment methods you have provided. If, for any reason, the payment is not honored at that time, you will be emailed at the address you provided in your parking registration. You will have one week (7 calendar days) after the original payment attempt to update your payment information before your permit is cancelled and your space is resold.
    Wageworks and Commuter checks
    Wageworks and Commuter check participants are expected to have their payment check arrive by the 1st of each month. If, for any reason, the check is not received by the 1st of the month, you will be emailed at the address you provided in your parking registration. It is your responsibility to follow up with Wageworks and Commuter Check regarding your payment. If the payment is not received by the 7th of the month, you will be responsible for making an alternate payment to iParq for your permit parking. If no alternate payments are made by close of business on the 7th of the month, your permit will be cancelled immediately and your space will be resold.
    Permit Cancellation
    If you wish to discontinue your monthly charges and cancel your monthly permit for the following month, you may do so by emailing iParq at customerservice@iparq.com before the 25th of the current month stating that you no longer require your parking permit. Please include your full name, permit number and station that you park at.
    Only after you complete the above step and receive a cancellation confirmation email will your permit be cancelled. Failure to cancel by the 25th of the current month may result in charges for the following month.
    All Sales Are Final. No pro-rations, credits or allowances will be made.
    Parking rates are as follows:
    Facility Monthly Daily
    17th St./SMC $39.00 $2.00
    Artesia $25.00 $4.00*
    Atlantic $29.00 $4.00*
    Balboa $20.00 $4.00*
    Del Amo $25.00 $4.00*
    Expo/Bundy $39.00 $2.00
    Expo/Sepulveda $39.00 $2.00
    Fillmore $29.00 N/A
    Florence $25.00 $4.00*
    Heritage Square $20.00 $4.00*
    Indiana $29.00 $4.00*
    Lake $28.00 $4.00*
    Lincoln/Cypress $25.00 N/A
    North Hollywood $59.00 $4.00*
    Sierra Madre $29.00 $4.00*
    Universal City $55.00 $4.00*
    Wardlow $25.00 $4.00*
    Willow $25.00 N/A
    *A $.75 service fee applies for daily parking transactions.
  5. Monthly Permit Parking
    Permits are reserved for transit patrons only and will not be issued to non-transit patrons.
    Permit holders are authorized to park in any space within the designated Preferred Parking area. Permit holders at SIERRA MADRE, UNIVERSAL CITY, NORTH HOLLYWOOD, MONROVIA, IRWINDALE, FILLMORE and AZUSA DOWNTOWN only may park between 4 AM and 10 AM, Monday through Friday. After 10 AM, on weekdays and all day on weekends, all parking, including the Preferred Parking area, is available to all Metro patrons.
    Permit holders at FLORENCE, ARTESIA, DEL AMO, WARDLOW, WILLOW, ATLANTIC, INDIANA, LINCOLN/CYPRESS, HERITAGE SQUARE, LAKE and BALBOA only may park between 4 AM and 11 AM, Monday through Friday. After 11 AM, on weekdays and all day on weekends, all parking, including the Preferred Parking area, is available to all Metro patrons.
    17TH ST/SMC and EXPO/SEPULVEDA permit holders must park between 4 AM and 9 AM, Monday – Friday. After 11 AM, on weekdays and all day on weekends, all parking, including the Preferred Parking area, is available to all Metro patrons.
    EXPO/BUNDY permit holders are required to display their permit 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
    The FILLMORE parking facility requires a parking keycard to enter and exit the facility and the Metro parking area. This keycard must be used at the facility entrance, Metro entrance, Metro exit and the facility exit, in that order, for the cycle to be correct and complete. If the gate is open, it is your responsibility to continue to use your keycard according to the required cycle. Failure to do so will result in parking fees, payable at the facility exit. Upon cancellation or expiration of your parking permit, keycards must be returned to iParq at:
    PO Box 60309
    San Diego, CA 92166
    Preferred Parking Permit privileges are non-transferable. Your parking permit entitles you to occupy one parking stall only. Preferred Parking is on a first come, first served basis. All parked vehicles shall display a valid permit. Permits must be displayed on the lower left hand corner of the front windshield. Vehicles parked without a valid permit and a corresponding registered license plate will be cited and/or towed in accordance with Metro’s Administrative Code Title 8, other applicable code, or pursuant to this agreement.
    Registration Requirements
    A TAP card or a Metro Employee ID is required to purchase a Preferred Parking Permit. When registering you must enter your valid TAP card number or Metro Employee Badge number.
    Vehicle make, model and valid license plate number are required to be entered into your online account when registering for a Preferred Parking Permit. A minimum of one license plate must be registered to each permit. A maximum of two license plates may be registered per permit.
    If a vehicle does not have a license plate the last five (5) digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN) are required in lieu of the license plate number. When a license plate is obtained for the vehicle, or within 60 days, whichever is first, the permit holder must update their permit record with the new license plate information. Failure to update the license plate information can result in immediate cancellation of your parking permit.
    Temporary Permits
    A temporary permit is only issued upon initial registration and payment of your parking permit and is available for use until a permanent parking permit is received. Once the temporary permit expires it is invalid and cannot be reused. Temporary permits are vehicle specific and are non-transferable.
    Temporary permits will not be issued for any other reason.
    Parking Permit Eligibility Requirements and Exemption Applications
    Permit holders are required to maintain a minimum of ten (10) separate calendar day transactions using their registered TAP card, per month, to renew their permit for the following month. Days and months are calculated on a calendar basis. Failure to maintain the minimum monthly TAP transactions will result in the cancellation of your parking permit, unless an Eligibility Exemption is previously approved by Metro. Eligibility Exemption Applications are available for patrons to complete when they are not able to meet the minimum monthly TAP transaction requirements.
    Eligibility Exemption Applications must be submitted to iParq (customerservice@iparq.com) by the close of business on the 20th day of the month in order for an exemption to be reviewed and decided on for the current month. Any application submitted after close of business on the 20th of the month are not guaranteed to be reviewed for the current month. If the 20th falls on a holiday or weekend, the application must be submitted by the close of business on the next business day.
    Permit holders that do not meet the eligibility requirements and are not granted an Exemption will have their permits cancelled after the last day of the month. Eligibility Exemption Applications may be submitted after a permit has been cancelled but will not be accepted more than 30 day after a cancellation of a permit.
    If a permit is purchased/reactivated on or before the 10th of the month, the eligibility requirements will be effective for that current month. If the permit is purchased/reactivated on or after the 11th of the month, the permit holder will automatically be placed on the exemption list for the current month and the eligibility requirements will be effective the following month.
    If the Eligibility Exemption Application is submitted after a permit has been cancelled and the Eligibility Exemption thereafter is approved, a parking permit may be purchased without being placed on the current waiting list. The permit is only valid from the day that it is purchased and cannot be backdated to the beginning of the month.
    If the Eligibility Exemption Application is submitted after a permit has been cancelled and the Eligibility Exemption is denied, the permit holder will not be eligible to reapply for a new parking permit for 90 days from the date the permit was cancelled.
    Eligibility Exemption Applications may be submitted up to 6 months in advance. Permit holders should allow up to 30 days for Eligibility Exemption Application decisions.
    Eligibility Exemption applications can be obtained by visiting LAMetroParking.net or by emailing iParq at customerservice@iparq.com.
    Lost or stolen permits must be reported immediately by emailing customerservice@iparq.com or by calling 805-562-8200. A $6.95 replacement fee will be applied for any lost or stolen permits.
  6. Daily Permit Parking
    Registration for the daily permit can be accessed at LAMetroParking.net. Once registered, you will be able to purchase daily parking in the Preferred Parking Permit area. The daily rate for the rental of an available permit parking space is payable by phone upon arrival of the parking facility. Daily permit holders are permitted to park in the Preferred Parking area once the daily permit has been activated for that day. All daily permits expire at midnight and must be renewed to continue to park in the Preferred Parking area.
  7. Daily Paid Permit Parking
    Paid daily parking is available at the Expo/Bundy station. It is not necessary to purchase a permit prior to arriving at the parking facility. Parking must be purchased after the vehicle is parked in the designated space. Parking can be purchased by paying at the pay machine located on the sidewalk under the station platform or by calling (213) 228-3483. A license plate number, TAP card number and credit card number is required to purchase parking.
  8. Program Notifications
    Metro reserves the right to cancel or modify permits and/or this program at any time. Metro will make every effort to give written notice at least thirty (30) days prior to any cancellations or modifications except in the case of (i) circumstances beyond Metro’s control, or (ii) if you are in violation of applicable Metro rules, regulations and ordinances.
    Metro reserves the right to transfer permit holders to another location if deemed necessary.
    It is prohibited to duplicate any monthly, daily or temporary parking permit.
By purchasing a Preferred Parking Permit or a Daily Parking Permit you agree to these terms and conditions. Please contact IParq at customerservice@iparq.com with any questions.

Thank you for choosing Metro.